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The Rock Riff Dictionary for Lead Guitar


Oct 28, 2017 Film Music Comments are off

Title: The Rock Riff Dictionary for Lead Guitar
Author: Vince Lauria
Publisher: ADG Productions
ISBN-10: 1882146816
ISBN-13: 978-1882146819
ADG Catalog Number: ADG039

Synopsis: The Rock Riff Dictionary For Lead Guitar is a Revolutionary New Technique for Learning Guitar”. This Book/CD by author Vince Lauria demonstrates essential concepts and techniques using the familiar tab system. Learn trills, vibrato, slide and more in the lead guitar book. The book is supplemented with a CD featuring audio examples of the techniques found in the book. Recommended for beginning and intermediate students, the Rock Riff Dictionary is a practical, hands – on introduction to some of rock music’s most useful concepts. 150 of the best riffs and melodic techniques ever assembled – blues, rock, major, minor, chromatic. Create your own intros, outros & incredible solos. 27 matching chords, 24 scale forms, note name chart and much more. | Barnes & Noble | Borders | ADG Productions | AbeBooks