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FAQ you asked, we answered.

Why are music lessons with Vince different than other music teachers don’t they all teach the same stuff?

Vince personally creates a custom step- by-step lesson plan that gives you the tools you need to quickly advance.

Also Vince has taught Palaye Royale (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZ9ALGG11CA)
Chris Iorio from Adelitas Way (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EARTcJ48H0)

Sinbad world famous movie and TV star, Dave Marks Beach Boys.

Vince has recorded or performed with academy award winner Timothy Hutton, Jake E Lee
(Ozzy Osbourne guitarist), Denny Laine (Wings, Paul McCartney, Beatles), Donnie Vie who is a platinum recording artist, and numerous other world known musicians as well as celebrities!

Can’t I just watch You Tube and learn the same?

There is a place for You Tube. The difference is bad habits are natural to beginners. Without the keen eye of experience to constantly monitor and reinforce the proper habits, beginners form bad habits that will stay with them their entire musical life.

Why does it matter that Vince has published books and videos on guitar and music theory?

Any teacher can go to a great school but very few can teach at one. Vince taught at one of the top music schools in the world. Working with the best cutting edge techniques for fast and thorough music education.

I see other teachers who have played in bands that tour. Doesn’t that mean they are a great teacher?

No its not. When a band tours a musician learns a set of songs that are repeated nightly. This does not develop high level teaching skills.

My friend says that he can teach me.

Many times a friend will offer to teach you but then they fall off or they don’t know how to teach properly. Remember some of the greatest players are not good instructors.

I don’t have time to practice.

You only need twenty minute’s every other day. Also proper music instruction has been shown in studies by Harvard and Yale to increase your IQ and other important abilities! In today’s world this is important to your success.

I can’t afford it.

If you only received two lessons a month you can still progress greatly.

But what about teachers who only charge $20.00 an hour?

Lessons are not the place to skimp. You lose time having to relearn the techniques properly later. You lose much more money than you save! I have heard so many horror stories like this.

Can I get a price discount?

Yes there are discounts available. Contact us for more information.

Are there gift certificates available?

Yes! Gift Certificates Here!

Vince offers classes in:

Guitar, bass, piano, banjo and ukulele.

Also digital recording, drum midi programming, mastering and mixing.

Vince will record your song and put it on You Tube or iTunes!

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