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Vince Lauria is a phenomenal musician…


Jun 5, 2020 Comments are off
Jennifer P
Vince Lauria is a phenomenal musician…
Vince Lauria is a phenomenal musician–a true genius. But being great at something doesn’t make someone a great teacher. In Vince we have found both. I couldn’t ask for a better guitar teacher for my daughter. Even at 5 years old, she was playing entire songs. I think the best thing, though, is that she loves having Vince as her guitar teacher; that makes the whole learning process worthwhile. Having known Vince for over 5 years now, I can honestly say I would recommend him unequivocally as the best guitar teacher in the area, even including all surrounding states! He always has my daughter’s best interests in mind – even going so far as to transpose the music of whatever song she is learning, to fit the size of her hands. To me, that is going the extra mile, every time. It has been a fantastic experience knowing Vince as an instructor and a person. In my opinion, he is irreplaceable. Absolutely the best. Accept no substitutes.