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String Groups For Guitar Part IV


Mar 14, 2018 Beginning, General Comments are off

C major on the D, A, and low thick E string group.

3rd fret low E, 3rd fret A string, 2nd fret D string

8th fret low E string, 7th fret A string, 5th fret D string

12th fret low E string, 10th fret A string, 10th fret D string

15th fret low E string, 15th fret A string, 14th fret D string,

this is one octave (12 frets or half steps distance) above first example.

Now as it is written on musical staff:

This completes the four string groups for the C major chord.

Once you memorized all the positions and note names for each C major chord

across neck, then do this same process for the other most common chords:

C minor, C diminished and C augmented.

Reference2009.08.15: Music Chord Theory Part I and 2009.08.17: Music Chord Theory Part II

Then transpose to these keys: D, E ,F ,G ,A ,B.

Now move to all possible positions (registers) of your instrument, then to all 15 keys.

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