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Song Writing 101 Part IV


Nov 21, 2017 Beginning, General Comments are off

Today we will explore more common chord progressions.

Remember to reference  “Family of Chords – Song Writing 101 ” blog.



1) I, IV, V, IV or in the key of C major = C major, F major, G major, F major.


2) ii, V, I, vi or in the key of C major = D minor, G major, C major, A minor.


3) I, V, vi, IV or in the key of C major = C major, G major, A minor, F major.

4) I, IV, viio, iii, vi, ii, V, or in the key of C major = C major, F major, B diminished, E   minor, A minor, D minor, G major or G seventh.

Play (strum) each chord for one measure or 4 beats. Loop record or have a friend play chords while you play all positions (modes) of the C major scale. First use quarter notes only for 10 minutes, then eighth notes only for 10 minutes. Remember once you are comfortable in all voicings of C major then you must transpose to all other keys.




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