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Right Hand Arpeggio Picking for Acoustic / Electric Guitar


Mar 14, 2018 General, Intermediate Comments are off

The word arpeggio means: to play the notes in a chord one at a time right after another – either ascending or descending (up or down). The origin Italian, from arpeggiare “play the harp,” from arpa harp.


Buy combining strumming (all notes at once) and arpeggio picking you can create a much more interesting and musical sound.


To make these examples easy I will number the right hand fingering (left hand for left handers) as follows:                   Thumb = T – first finger = 1 – index finger = 2 – ring finger = 3


For all of these examples each of the right hand fingerings will be as follows:

T will pull D string – 1 pulls G string, 2 pulls B string, 3 pulls thin E string.

Now try the following arpeggios with the open D, G, B, and thin E strings

later I will add chords.

Once comfortable and smooth play these with your metronome at: 100 BPM

(beats per minute)

1.)  T, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1   (repeat each arpeggio at least 20 to 100 times a day)


2.)  3, 2, 1, T, 2, 3


3.) T, 1, T, 2, T, 3, T, 2


Now transpose these to each position (register) of your instrument, then to all 15 keys.

On guitar an easy way to transpose is by using a capo. It clamps around the neck and depending on which fret you put it determines which key your in.


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