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Proper Technique For Changing Chords


Nov 14, 2017 Beginning, General Comments are off

One of the most important techniques for guitar (most instruments) is to be aware of not lifting your fingers away from the instrument.


I tell my students slide like a snake don’t hop like a bunny rabbit. When you first start to do this you will run into resistance with the fingers especially the fourth finger or pinky finger.

It is on a separate muscle group so it tends to fly away uncontrollably. Just be patient and within time it will lesson this effect. Also try to find common tones in chords so one of your fingers acts as an anchor finger. That is staying on the same note while the notes around it change. Here are some examples:


C major = C, E, G changing to F major = F, A, C notice the C is in both chords.

G major = G, B, D changing to D major = D, F#, A notice the D is in both chords.

E minor = E, G, B changing to A major = A, C#, E notice the E is in both chords.


I will continue will more examples later!

Till then,

Vince Lauria


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