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How to Play, Understand & Figure Out All Scales – Part XL


Jan 30, 2018 General, Intermediate Comments are off

Now combine all of the Harmonic Major Pentatonic Modes to create melodies for songs and soloing.

ALL scales repeat the same pattern up and down in tone.

C major scale: C, D, E, F, G, A, B and C.

Numbers are given to correspond to the major scale degrees or positions.

C Major Scale: C=1/Root, D=2nd, E=3rd, F=4th, G=5th, A=6th, B=7th, C=8th/octave.

C Harmonic Major Scale: C=1/Root, D=2nd, E=3rd, F=4th, G=5th, Ab=6th, B=7th

Now play a real life musical example of all Seven Harmonic Major Pentatonic Modes

The note to note intervals (number formulas) for the modes are the same for all instruments.

This applies to any string, octave, position, instrument or Key.

Repeat this same process for bass, piano and any other instrument.

Remember to transpose to all keys.


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