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Getting the Most From Practicing / Studying Music – Part I


Nov 21, 2017 Beginning, General Comments are off

I was asked by a student recently how do I study more efficiently?Studying music or any complex subject requires structure and diligence!


When preparing to study put only the subject you are currently working on – directly in front of you.

Clear away any past exercises or other papers that are not associated with the current assignment. Keep your study area clean and organized!

If you have difficulty in maintaining long study sessions break – it – down to smaller time frames.

Start with twenty minutes a day. But remember during that time do not talk on the phone, text or any other activity besides the music in front of you.

Also make sure you eat some protein or fruit for energy because the brain needs extra energy to study properly.

When memorizing a piece of music or chord progression – take small pieces memorize – then string them together.

I had a bad learning disability as a child and a poor memory I was able to reverse that by using flash cards.

Study at the same time each day as a good pattern needs consistency.

Also keep notes of problem areas that you can discuss later with your teacher.

I always have notebooks of paper every where I go for melodies, lyrics, movie ideas and whatever.

Do not be a victim! Keep fine tuning your study system until it works for you!


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