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Fun with the Blues Scale!


Nov 21, 2017 Beginning, General Comments are off

Last blog we learned the Blues Scale now lets learn some of the chords that go with the Blues Scale.       Remember all examples are given in the key of C.

After you become familiar with the key of C you will want to transpose or move these chords and scale to other keys.


The most common chords that go with the C Blues scale are: C dominant seventh,

F dominant seventh and G dominant seventh. Chords are commonly written in shorthand like this:

C7//// F7//// G7////. The lines after each of the chords are called hash marks each hash mark

represents one quarter note or one strum.


This is often referred to as a: one, four, five – chord progression.

In our music shorthand = I, IV, V.

The reason we use shorthand is so one system is then used in all keys.

Now lets look at the notes to create each one of these chords.


C7 = R, 3rd, 5th, b7   Now the note names = C – E – G – Bb

F7 = R, 3rd, 5th, b7   Now the note names =  F – A – C – Eb

G7 = R, 3rd, 5th, b7   Now the notes names = G – B – D – F     Chords on musical staff:


C7        F7        G7

Now written on the musical staff the same exact three chords but in a different voicing.

Voicing means how the notes are arranged and spaced. Many times a note is repeated in a chord.


C7           F7         G7


Another commonly used voicing of the same exact three chords:


C7          F7         G7


Experiment creating your own voicings using the same notes.



Record or have a friend play the following standard twelve bar blues in C then – play the single note Blues Scale in all possible positions (registers) and octaves. Remember to first play quarter notes then later eight notes. For understanding notes values follow link then scroll to bottom of page: 2008.08.11: Family Of Chords – Song Writing 101

Remember to refrain from playing at a tempo where each note is not performed clean and consistent.

Once comfortable gradually increase speed and move to eighth notes.

Standard 12 Bar Blues in C:

C7 //// //// //// //// F7 //// //// C7 //// //// G7 //// F7 //// C7 //// G7 //// 😐


Repeat progression twenty minutes or more.


More fun with the Blues Scale later!


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