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Finger Exercise For Guitar Part III


Mar 14, 2018 General, Intermediate Comments are off

I had a student ask me:

“My question relates to your picking exercises. In those exercises, you start each string with a down stroke and alternate between down and up picking. If I am doing a scale across all six strings (with that alternating method of picking), do I start on the next string with an upstroke if that is the next stroke in the sequence or do I begin each new string with a down stroke?”The answer is you do continuous down up picking no matter what string your on.If you complete a string – picking up – then the next picking direction will be down. And if you complete a string – picking down – then the next picking direction will be up.  Now for a new exercise:Start with 4th finger 12th fret thin E string – pick down3rd finger 11th fret – pick up (remember to lift 4th finger)back to 4th finger 12th fret – pick down2nd finger 10th fret – pick upback to 4th finger 12th fret – pick down1st finger 9th fret – pick up Remember to repeat this exercise 5 to 7 times each adjacent string.Thin E, B, G, D, A, Thick EAlso once comfortable with this exercise add the metronome at 90 BPM – then gradually increase speed to 100, 110, 120 up to 220 BPM

Now repeat these exercises on all position (register) of your instrument.


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