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Bass Guitar Techniques


Nov 21, 2017 Beginning, General Comments are off

To be a good bass player it is essential to be able to play with a pick and your fingers.


First when using a pick on bass I recommend the extra heavy ones.

For the bass to be heard in a band or in a recording situation the heavy pick will cut though.

Always use down up picking and start down.

When using your fingers remember to use alternate rest stroke. This means to pull the string with the first finger right hand and then rest it on the string directly above it. Practice going back & forth 1st, 2nd ,1st, 2nd and gradually increasing your speed. Stat with the open G string repeat 100 to 200 times. Then repeat same technique on D, A and E strings

Once comfortable put first finger on the ninth fret of the G string using first finger right hand pull string and immediately rest on the adjacent D string. Then leaving first finger on ninth fret put second finger left hand on tenth fret pull second finger right hand and rest on D again. Do this same process for the third and fourth fingers.

Then repeat exercise five to ten times each string – G, D, A and E.

Then repeat exact exercise on the tenth though seventeenth frets.

Then do descending ninth though first frets.


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