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Analyzation of Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Prelude in C minor”, BWV 999 P. 3


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Prelude in C MinorBWV 999, also termed The “Little” Prelude in C Minor, is a piece written by Johann Sebastian Bach sometime between 1717 and 1723.[1] Though originally composed for Lute-Harpsichord, it has since been adapted for various instruments, including lute, piano and guitar. It is a pedagogical work much in the spirit of The Well-Tempered Clavier, with which it shares musical characteristics. The piece’s true authorship fell into question for decades before being proven to be Bach’s by publication of Hans Neemann’s J. S. Bach Lautenkompositionen (1931).


Many times when a musical piece is analyzed it seems to be for the person writing the paper for pure intellectual or academic reasons.


I believe there is value in that. I also believe there is greater value in how I or someone composing actual music can understand and then APPLY theses techniques that
Bach himself utilized. Whether it was consciously or unconsciously.


In this spirit I share my analyzation of Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Prelude in C minor”, BWV 999. Written in C minor it is commonly played on guitar in D minor.

The following is in D minor. As always transpose to all keys.

It is important to memorize these melodic shapes in all possible positions on the fret board and or the keyboard. Later transpose to all keys (twelve notes – fifteen written keys).


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