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Gift Certificates for Music Lessons Now Available!       Vince Lauria features on platinum artist Donnie Vie's (Enuff Z'Nuff) new solo single "Smokin' Hot Lollipop"       Vince Lauria is featured on Sarah Thiele's new album with guitar legend Jake E. Lee       Vince Lauria plays on Denny Laine's New Album, "Valley of Dreams"       Vince Lauria collaborates with Film Composer Jeffrey Gold on "Cumulonimbus" and "Kilimanjaro"       Vince Lauria is working on the score for the feature film, "Nowhere Fast"       Vince Lauria is interviewed by JBL       Vince Lauria has instructed the charting bands Kropp Circle and Adelitas Way
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Film Soundtracks and Movie Scores

Guitar Lessons and Music Lessons in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Learn an instrument and music theory from professional musician, award-winning composer, and instructor Vince Lauria.

Vince Lauria teaches the following styles: traditional strumming, traditional to modern rock, blues chords and soloing, finger picking and hybrid picking, classical and spanish guitar, jazz, reggae, and alternative. Private and Group Lessons.

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Film Composer Vince Lauria

Vince Lauria is an award-winning film composer and CLIO award winner.

Vince Lauria has worked with the following notable artists:

Denny Laine (Wings/Paul McCartney), Dave Marks (The Beach Boys), Duncan Faure (Madonna), John Debney (The Passion of the Christ), Richie Cole (Jazz Great), Jake E. Lee (Ozzy Osbourne), Timothy Hutton, Jeffrey Gold, Vinnie Castaldo (Phil Collins, Aynsley Dunbar), Mike Bordeman, and platinum artist Donnie Vie (Enuff Z'nuff). Click here for Bio.

Vince Lauria has over 20 years experience in the music industry.

Vince Lauria works in the following genres: Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, R & B, Classical, Film Music, Ambient, and more.

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Press, Projects, and Music Awards

  Vince Lauria at the 2011 Strawberry One-Act Festival, New York City  

Check out Vince's new movie in which he stars and does music with Ryan Williams Award Winning Director! See trailer at:

  Vince Lauria at the 2011 Strawberry One-Act Festival, New York City  

Vince Lauria's music appears in the 2011 Strawberry One-Act Festival semi-finalist competition play Horst and Graben at the Chateau Godot, by playwright Jeffrey Gold, in New York City.

  Vince Lauria on Denny Laine's Valley of Dreams  

Vince Lauria is appearing on Denny Laine's (Wings, The Moody Blues) upcoming album release, Valley of Dreams. Denny Laine's music can be found on iTunes. Click here for their photo in Music Connection magazine.

  Vince Lauria on platinum artist Donnie Vie's Smokin' Hot Lollipop  

Vince Lauria is featured on platinum artist Donnie Vie's (Enuff Z'Nuff) solo album release, Smokin' Hot Lollipop. Available on iTunes and Amazon.

  Vince Lauria and Nowhere Fast Film  

Vince Lauria is working on the soundtrack and score of the independent feature film, Nowhere Fast (Dir: Ryan Williams).

  Vince Lauria and Kropp Circle  

Vince Lauria has been teaching Sebastian, Remington and Emerson Kropp of the R&R Top 40 (#27) charting pop-rock band, Kropp Circle / Palaye Royal, since 2003.

  Vince Lauria and Chris Iorio and Adelitas Way  

Vince Lauria's former student, Chris Iorio, and his band Adelitas Way, topped the Billboard Charts at #4 with hit song Invincible (EMI/Atlantic).

  Vince Lauria and the London International Film Festival  

WINNER - Best Documentary (International), 2009 London Independent Film Festival, Pigweed Philosopher (Dir: Gabriel Lakey). Filmscore by Vince Lauria.


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