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led  Testimonials from Vince Lauria's Students

Read what some of Vince's students have to say:

As an adult student, who had taken some piano lessons a few years ago, I was looking for a music teacher who could teach me to play bass, and expand my musical knowledge, including piano. Vince is an accomplished musician with a wide range of experience. He encourages his students to set goals, keeps his lessons interesting, and is very flexible throughout the process. He will teach what you want to learn, including your favorite songs, but also functions as any good teacher should: he knows what you need to learn to improve musically, including theory. Along with guitar and bass, Vince also teaches piano. If you are serious about music you should be exposed to the piano. Today, I am no longer a beginner, but more confident in my ability and looking forward to improving and continuing to learn and grow under Vince’s guidance.

I would recommend Vince Lauria to music students at any level, from beginner to serious students.

Jeff S.

Vince Lauria is a phenomenal musician–a true genius. But being great at something doesn’t make someone a great teacher. In Vince we have found both. I couldn’t ask for a better guitar teacher for my daughter. Even at 5 years old, she was playing entire songs. I think the best thing, though, is that she loves having Vince as her guitar teacher; that makes the whole learning process worthwhile. Having known Vince for over 5 years now, I can honestly say I would recommend him unequivocally as the best guitar teacher in the area, even including all surrounding states! He always has my daughter’s best interests in mind – even going so far as to transpose the music of whatever song she is learning, to fit the size of her hands. To me, that is going the extra mile, every time. It has been a fantastic experience knowing Vince as an instructor and a person. In my opinion, he is irreplaceable. Absolutely the best. Accept no substitutes.

Jennifer P.

Vince is not only a master musician and composer—but best of all for my son and me—a brilliant teacher. Vince makes learning to play guitar and bass both easy and fun! You quickly learn to play songs you like because he can notate by ear virtually any music into his easy-to-read tab system. Best of all, Vince is simply a great guy who is always positive in nurturing your progress. Highly recommended for students at any level!

Mark S.

I have been working with Vince Lauria since April of 2008. I write lyrics for songs and he does the melody. It has been a match made in heaven. If I hear the song in my mind a certain way, I just sing it to him and he will play the music back. He is a brilliant musician. He can play any and all genres of music. Our songs are now in Nashville waiting to be recorded. It has been a dream come true.

Mary G.

Unlike other guitar lessons, Vince’s lessons are geared to the goal of the student. Whether it is learning: theory, technique, riffs, songs, or adding to one’s own songs (in all styles), Vince’s knowledge and communicative ability is substantial. I feel extremely fortunate to have had him as a teacher.

Bob G.

I'm very glad I selected Vince Lauria as my guitar teacher. His pitch on Craig's List stood out from all the others because he talked about learning and understanding the fundamentals of music, which is exactly what I wanted. Vince is positive and communicates ideas clearly. He sets a pace that makes real progress possible. He is patient and flexible in setting goals and always takes the time to make sure that I understand the main points of each lesson. He has proven that his teaching methods work. I have owned a guitar for many years, but the past three months of study with Vince have let me exceed anything I have done on my own. I strongly recommend Vince Lauria as your next teacher.

Charles S.

My name is Chuck Blitzer, and at the young age of almost 70, I started taking formal guitar instruction with Vince Lauria in July 2010. Until then, I was a self-taught guitarist who had mastered just about all chords north of the 3rd fret. Just think about that! I have also been a successful CEO in both the private and public sectors, so I know a great deal about leadership, mentoring, and how to get the best out of those with whom I have had the privilege to work. I also come from an extraordinary musical family, though I was the musical "black sheep" out of seven. My sister was a concert pianist at 16, my brother a child prodigy on the violin by 12. I won't bore you with the rest. Vince Lauria is simply one of those highly unusual, creative, dedicated, and humble accomplished individuals/teachers/professors you maybe meet once or twice in a lifetime---if you are lucky! To be around Vince is like being infected with a musical virus that won't shut down. He's always there to help, guide and take you to the edge of your abilities---even when you are ready to call it quits. And, he does this with charm and no intimidation! There's Vince encouraging you, gently pushing you, guiding you, never letting you or himself down---and, then always saying, "I knew you could do it!" or asking, "Does this make sense? If It does, then, let's move on"! When I finish an hour with Vince, I'm so pumped, I can't wait to get in my car, head home, forget the evening news with Katie Couric and just get to it!

On November 5th, just about 5 months into my guitar lessons and having learned some easier pieces like House of the Rising Sun (the easy version, then Vince's "symphonic" version), Sunshine Of Your Love, Day Tripper, and a few others, Vince asked what I would like to learn next. I casually mentioned, Ry Cooder's "Feeling Bad Blues," which was featured in the movie Crossroads, with Ralph Machio and Joe Seneca. This is a  4 1/2 minute  sophisticated slide guitar solo (with every measure for 4 1/2 minutes being different than the next) that sounds so cool and to which I have always enjoyed listening. But I never ever held a slide! I figured Vince would blow me off as being too premature for my talents, but to my surprise, Vince said, "Sure, you can do it." Again, this was November 5th. Vince, who's famous for never wanting to work from sheet music other than that written by him (he thinks sheet music is wrong 50% of the time), dials up the actual Ry Cooder recording on YouTube. Painstakingly, over 2 months, twice a week, Vince logged onto that video 15-30 seconds at a time per hour, and by December 31st, we had finished the YouTube session along with 20 pages (yes, 20 pages, 9 boxes a page) of Vince's carefully handwritten chords, notes, and slides---even every "ghost" note---of that instrumental, and believe it or not, when it was all over, I played the full 20 pages for Vince---not as well as he or Ry Cooder would play it, but for sure well enough so you knew it was the Feeling Bad Blues. Vince would listen to the YouTube video, stop the video, write down what he heard, play it for me, then we would play it together and then he would go onto the next 15-30 seconds. That's devotion and commitment!

He is also uncanny in another way. He can listen to any recording, and in a heartbeat, add his own variation and make it better than the recording artist did! His devotion to me and dedictation to "perfection," not to mention his constantly asking, "Do you have it? Does it make sense?" continues to astonish me. We're onto new "slide" instrumentals and songs, but because of what I learned, learning Ry Cooder's Feeling Bad Blues, each instrumental/song gets easier and easier.

I also need to add, with Vince, it's not all about songs and instrumentals---he's dedicated to teaching you music theory, strum patterns, fingerpicking, flat picking, hybrid picking and tons more---if you are willing to learn. One day he said to me, "We're going to learn every note on the neck of the guitar, from the first fret all the way down to the last fret and across all 6 strings, 1-6 and 6-1." I about died. Yet in 2 lessons, I could do it, and for a dyslexic, that is quite an achievement.

I see that I have probably rambled a little too much, but it's easy to do when you have someone like Vince Lauria as your instructor. So, in closing, if you are serious about learning guitar, can commit to the kind of hard work it takes, and want the very best, Vince Lauria is your man! And, I feel honored to have him as my guitar mentor.

Chuck B.

I have collaborated with Vince Lauria on a number of projects as executive producer or producer of films and as a collaborating composer. Vince Lauria is gifted in multiple ways: Vince Lauria is a virtuoso on the guitar and virtuosic in generating musical ideas when composing. He is a patient instructor who has a very deep understanding of music theory and often is able to anticipate or suss out the actual meaning of your question even if you are unable to articulate it at his level of understanding. It is always a pleasure to work with him because it is effortless.

Jeffrey Gold, Award-winning Film Composer


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