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Vince Lauria - Music, it's what I do.

led  Music Lessons with Vince Lauria

Take Lessons with master Vince Lauria Guitar Lessons, Las Vegas, NV

For Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced! Ages 8 and up!

  • Learn at a fraction of the cost of the Berklee School of Music.
  • Learn at a convenient location directly off the I-95 Freeway in central Las Vegas.
  • Learn with one lesson a week and by practicing at home 3 times a week for 20 minutes.
  • Learn these instruments: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Banjo, Mandolin
  • Learn these style: Rock, Pop, Metal, Classic Rock, Blues & Jazz!
  • Learn from an instructor who adapts to your learning style.
  • Learn through private instruction or group learning.
  • Learn to play your favorite songs!
  • Learn how your favorite songs work!
  • Learn how to create your own songs!
  • Learn how to read and write your own music!
  • Learn how to never be fooled again by teachers who charge $20 a half hour!

Learn from a professional musician and award-winning composer in the music industry for over 20 years.

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Aren't you tired of faking it? Isn't it time to really learn and be able to apply music theory?

piano keys

If you are not instructed correctly in the first year or two you will develop bad habits that last a lifetime.

It is better to study correctly in the beginning than it is to waste years trying to correct bad practice habits later on.

I have taught hundreds of students all ages and most of them who had lessons elsewhere say, “I never improve past a certain point. I don’t seem to play the way I want to!”

This is because of teachers who are ignorant of proper teaching and practice techniques! Their intentions are good, but the results are sloppy and limiting. And then you become frustrated and think, “It must be me. I never learn.” This is not true! To play well you must be instructed properly. Period!

My students will confirm this. Click here to read testimonials from my students.

Vince Lauria with one of his music students, Samantha,
picking out her guitar at Guitar Center.

I am a Professional Musician and Award-winning Composer

I am a former instructor (not just a graduate) from one of the top music trade schools in Los Angeles, California.

My guitar instruction book has been used at the Berklee College of Music in Boston—the top music school in the world.

My other books can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders.

I am an award-winning musician, who has collaborated with Denny Laine of The Moody Blues and Wings (Paul McCartney's band after The Beatles), Hall of Fame recording artist Dave Marks (The Beach Boys), Duncan Faure (Rabbitt, Trevor Rabin, Madonna), film composer and Academy Award nominee John Debney (Sin City, The Passion of the Christ), award-winning film composer Jeffrey Gold (Abby Singer, Pigweed Philosopher, Nowhere Fast), TV/film composer Dan Ferguson (Toto, Steely Dan, Cher), Emmy award winner Jimmy Danelli (Winnie the Pooh, Disney), actor Mark McClure (Apollo 13, Superman, Back to the Future), Academy Award winner Timothy Hutton (The Falcon and The Snowman, Ordinary People), Jazz great Richie Cole, Platinum artist Donnie Vie (Enuff Z'nuff), Jake E. Lee (Badlands, Ozzy Osbourne, Sarah Thiele), Vinnie Castaldo (Phil Collins, Aynsley Dunbar), and Mike Bordeman (drummer for Spencer Davis). I was guitar and music theory instructor for members of the R&R Top 40 (No. 27) charting pop-rock band Kropp Circle, the Peoples Voice 2010 Winners in the Teen category of the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) judged by music industry luminaries including Peter Gabriel, Tom Waits, Jeff Beck, Kings of Leon, Kelly Clarkson, and Ben Folds. Vince Lauria was also an instructor to guitarist Chris Iorio of the Billboard (No. 4) charting band (EMI/Virgin Records), Adelitas Way ("Invincible"). Click here to read my full Bio.

My music is available on iTunes and Amazon, and my filmography is available on IMDb.

Click here for my Music Theory Blog.

Vince Lauria with Denny Laine (The Moody Blues, Wings).
Vince plays on Denny's new album, "Valley of Dreams."
Denny Laine's music is available on iTunes.

Take the time to really learn and understand
scales, chords, and song construction.

guitar tab

Please take the time to study with someone who can really help you develop your skills.

Quit wasting your time and money on useless lessons with little-to-no improvement. Work with a professional instructor who has developed a complete music education system—not just someone who can teach you some blues riffs or Stairway to Heaven.

I teach using a very easy guitar neck diagram system (click on the diagram for more details), as well as traditional music staff reading.

In piano lessons, I teach traditional music reading and use my own easy piano tablature system.

I guarantee you will learn more from me than any other teacher or I will give you your money back!

Remember, just because someone is a good player does not mean they are able to teach you properly. Many good players are sincere, but lack the proper teaching skills. Professional guitar & bass and music instruction is absolutely essential.

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