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Paris, 1929

Analyzed by VLL

I, ii, iii, IV, V, vi, viio, I octave= 3 note family of chords key of G major/ E Natural Minor.

E Natural Minor Family of Chords.png

Pages 3 and 4

#12= iiio7 G#o7/b6 this is a systematic meaning a series of chords that relate to themselves. in this case playing a diminished 7th down in tone in half steps chromatically. Also a form of planning. This starts at G# diminished 7th and chromatically moves to open.

Bar 12 - 22.

#23=i arpeggio with chromatic half steps to the notes in Em arpeggio. This is done frequently ie Mozart, Bach and Spanish music.

3 Villa Lobos.png

4 Villa Lobos.png

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