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C Harmonic Minor Pentatonic Scale #7. (HM Pent #7)
Also called Ultralocrian Pentatonic Scale.

ALL scales repeat the same pattern up and down in tone. C major scale: C, D, E, F, G, A, B and C. Numbers are given to correspond to the major scale degrees or positions.

C Major Scale: C=1/Root, D=2nd, E=3rd, F=4th, G=5th, A=6th, B=7th, C=8th/octave. 

C Harmonic Minor Pentatonic Scale #7: C=1/Root, Db=b2nd, Fb=b4th(E), Gb=b5th, Ab=b6th, C=1/8 octave.

Memorize the C Harmonic Minor Pentatonic Scale #7 note names and number formula.
C HM Pentatonic #7 - note names= C, Db, E, Gb, Ab and C  (I have substituted E for Fb)  

C HM Pentatonic #7 - number formula= 1/R, b2nd, b4th, b5th, b6th and root/8. 

C,  Db,  E,   Gb, Ab,  C

1,  b2,  b4, b5, b6,  8/1

Using the note name chart below - play the C HM Pentatonic #7 scale starting from low thick E string 1st fret up neck, then back down neck. Repeat this same process for each string. Remember to say note names out loud as you play each note up and then down in tone. Repeat this process for all 6 strings: Low E, then A, D, G, B and thin E string. The underlined fret number indicates dot positions:  
 open    1        3,      5,       7,       9,          12,         15,     17     19,   21,      24
HM 7.png

Now play and say out loud as you play the C harmonic minor pentatonic scale #7 pentatonic scale. Play the C note twice ascending and descending to memorize root note positions.

The note to note intervals are the same. This applies to any string, octave, position, instrument or Key. Repeat this same process for bass, piano and any other instrument.

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